You may remember sultry vocals of Maria Drea from last months end of month round up.

If you somehow managed to miss her incredible new single ‘I am’ you can check it out on the #IMDiscovers: R&B playlist

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You may already be aware that the budding R&B songstress is a great vocalist but here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know…

1. The Family Tree

Marie is the middle sibling with one older and one younger sister.

2. How tall is she?

The singer is 5ft8

3. Where is Maria Drea From?

Maria’s Family originates from the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia. Flying the flag proudly for her homeland, the singer has indicated that it would be a dream to write a song in creole as a nod to her culture.

4. Maria spent two years of my life living in Atlanta, Georgia between the ages of 9 and 11.

She attributes a lot of the insight she gained into black history from this experience of an environment that was very much divided across racial lines.

5. Where did her musical journey begin?

Maria began singing when I was just 12 years old.

6. She is a Brit School Alumni

Maria attended the Brit School in London graduating in 2013

7. The singer has a fear of slugs and snails

8. Her favourite film is Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella starring Brandy and Whitney Houston

9. She is allergic to sun cream

10. What does she like to eat?

Perhaps unsurprisingly Maria’s favourite dish is comprised of an array of Caribbean foods.