If there is anything that 2019 has taught us – it is that music is the fountain of expression, especially during the era of the digital age and it is, without a doubt, a paint colour that we at IndustryMe have chosen to submerge ourselves in.

With a shade range so vast, matching that of the development of liquid foundation shades, music has truly evolved into the beautiful brain-child we had all hoped for.

We’ve put together some favourites. It was so difficult to choose that we’ve divided our top 20 list of fire into two parts this year; Top 10 Projects of 2019 and the Top R&B Singles of 2019. We hope your enjoy our closing symphonies and reflect on the year 2019 in the key of R&B.

Each of these works of art moved us emotionally and at times even physically through the sheer amount dancing they have inspired. We’ve been blessed enough to discuss their growth like proud aunties at graduation ceremonies!

Top 10 EP’s/ Albums

In no particular order, these are the 10 R&B albums we enjoyed the most during 2019.

1. Tamaraebi – Heaven’s Gate

2. Mylezia – Issues

Mylezia issues

3. Sinéad Harnett – Lessons In Love

Sinead Harnett  lessons in love

4. Kevin Garrett – Hoax

Kevin Garrett Hoax  album review

5. DOA – The Journal

DOA The Journal

6. Miraa May – Dark

Miraa May Dark

7. Bellah – Last Train Home

Bellah last train home

8. Kara Marni – No Logic

Kara Marni no logic

9. Thutmose – Don’t Wake Me

Thutmose don’t wake me

10. Mahalia – Love & Compromise

Mahalia love and compromise

Top R&B Singles of 2019

2019 was definitely a year of great projects, but let’s not forget the singles! We couldn’t go without mentioning our favourites so here are some carefully selected tracks for your listening pleasure.

1. Shae Universe – Meant To Be

2. Emiko – Pride (ft. Baker Aaron)

3. Jean-Mikhael – Rollin’ (ft. Realz)

4. Madison Paris – ETA

5. KVNGTeardrops Remix (ft. Geovarn)

6. Melica – Calling

7. Laker – I’ve Got Plans

8. VadeBe Mine (ft. Jermaine Riley)

9. Matt BlvckNo Time

From naturally warming a cappella tones, to twisting to the wave that is afrobeat, to bouncing with trap snares, to exploring the modern revamp of bass drops in pop music with the genre’s future icons, we have been singing loudly and proudly to the beats of new and returning artists.

R&B has really evolved and we have been grateful to have the opportunity to grow with it. Music has really shattered ceilings and garnered light upon a year of wonder, instinct, mystery, and insight.

Please stay safe during the festive season. Follow us on Instagram, and Twitter for more of the finest. We probably have your favourite song in our archives somewhere!  😉