The one thing there always seems to be a shortage of is space. It’s every creatives struggle; especially in the beginning stages. You are not alone.

Whether you’re a student living in halls, living in a studio apartment or a new parent with a small nursery there are amazing ways you can organize your space without leaving the room looking cluttered. I am here today to share some ideas with you guys on how to organize small spaces. All the items I will be mentioning are affordable and are can be easily found on Amazon.

1. Under The Bed storage Bins

These boxes slide right under most beds. You can store anything in them. I personally use mine to store seasonal shoes (i.e. boots in the summer and sandals in the winter) and seasonal clothes but you could use them for extra bedding and towels, documents and books. Get this box here.

2. KonMari: A Method of folding

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This method is where all clothing is standing upright rather than laying flat. This has proved to be a space saving method which therefore allows you to fit more in a drawer. Click here to watch exactly how to fold as per the KonMari method.

3. Can Ring Pulls To Double Your Storage

So you know those little ring pulls that are on the top of your drinks can? Start saving them to help you save space in your wardrobe. How you ask. Well put one on the hanging part of your hanger and use it to hold a second hanger. This will save space on the rail in your wardrobe. ( see the image above for reference)

4. Command Hooks Are Your Best Friends

I stick these on the inside my wardrobe and use them to hang cute baskets like these cute baskets and I store things like hair tools and products.

5. Use The Back Of Your Doors

Guys these aren’t just for your shoes. When my daughter was first born I used one of these to store her little blankets, extra wipes and nappies. Nose she’s older I used them to organise her snacks and arts and crafts supplies. However they can be used to organise pretty much anything cleaning products, beauty and skincare products, school supplies, snacks, shows, accessories such as belts, underwear, socks, toys.. ANYTHING!! Get yours here.

Do you have any ideas? Share them with us in the comments


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