5 Things We Learnt From Honest and Successful Singer Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer is an Australian singer-songwriter who has blown up over the last few years. Having released music since 2016, he made his commercial breakthrough in 2020 with ‘This City‘. Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength and collaborated with artists such as, Demi Lovato and Sam Feldt. With his debut album set to release in September, here are a few things we learnt from our conversation.

He played the saxophone in a high school band

Sam was very into music from an early age and recounts seeing a classical violinist called Queenie aged 3. This spurred him on to follow the path of being a musician leading him to play violin and, of course the saxophone. After joining his school band, they heard him sing, and the rest they say, is history. Sadly, Fischer no longer plays the sax.

Tennis could have been his career path

While he is a very talented musician, Sam could have gone down a different path. When discussing how he isn’t good at anything else, he states that ‘music and tennis was his whole life’. He didn’t quite fit the role of a tennis player, but in a parallel universe, he could have been the next Lleyton Hewitt. But, he is a pretty good musician so he made the right choice, despite Sam describing the perks including physique and less promotion.

The music industry has a weird relationship with emotions

Many people love to listen to an honest or emotional song when they’re going through it. While these songs are well-liked, the places they come from and the rewarding of honesty was an interesting point of debate. Sam highlights how just because these songs are out there, doesn’t necessarily mean people in the industry want to hear about your vulnerabilities outside of the music. It is getting better as Sam highlights, but we still have a long way to go when it comes to safeguarding people in the industry and society in general.

FLO and Kehlani are his dream collaborations

Sam loves a good collab and has plenty of people he wants to work with on a record. He named plenty of people but FLO and Kehlani were two of the mentioned artists. He loves the throwback 90s/noughties R’n’B sound as he grew up on it, so the trio sounds up his street. He’d also like to take it across the pond as Kehlani is someone who he’d ‘kill to work with’.

Sam helped write Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Confidently Lost

He also highlights his love of soul and how this led to his breakout songwriting credits. One of these was ‘Confidently Lost‘ by Sabrina Claudio. It’s a slow-jam, R’n’B type record which is something the singer-songwriter wants to delve into in the future. Having named plenty of people in that field as people he’d love to work with, I am sure it’s on the cards.

Sam Fischer is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Make sure to read more interviews here.

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