South London native OMZ Trapstar, has rapidly become one to watch on the underground scene. A natural risk taker, the rappers has made a name creating a sound that is a unique amalgamation of a variety of genres. Drawing inspiration from the likes of D-Block’s Jadakiss and UK-based collectives Mashtown and Fem Fel, OMZ Trapstar has continue to grow from strength to strength all while remaining open and honest with his listeners.

Gearing up for the release of his new EP rumoured to have a great selection of, still secret, featured artists and still buzzing off the release of “Never Boring” OMZ spoke with Ray Sang about his music and more.

First things first congratulations on the new single, how are you feeling about the response to it so far?

Well, thank you! I’m so happy that people are enjoying what I have spent a long time trying to perfect. It always feels good when people acknowledge your hard work and dedication. I just hope they keep sharing the love and support, even when they snapchat themselves singing along, it genuinely means a lot.

Tell me more about the visuals and the concept behind the video?

Since I wrote the song after the Dream Weekend festival in Jamaica, I wanted to carry on the party in the video. The main concept was one big classic house party where everyone is having a good time: the music is on repeat, the drinks are flowing and when time flies by. Basically mimicking the summer memories.

Your single is all about enjoying yourself and that party vibe so what song that is guaranteed to get you moving?

It has to be the classic, Notorious B.I.G – Juicy. No matter what mood I’m in, the old school sounds will never fail to guarantee at least a head bop.

What would be your go to drink on a night out?

Typically, I drink Wray and Nephew, with ginger beer. That’s when you know I’m about to have a good night. For the chilled nights, I would have a couple of Magnums.

I hear you are working on an EP right now, what can we expect from you regarding that?

I hope you’re ready to listen to the most solid body of work, you’ve ever heard. There is something on there for everyone, some are more uptempo, some have more rap and some are simply feel good songs to listen to wherever you are. But you can be sure that not one song sounds the same as the next.

Any exciting features you want to share, perhaps even a release date?

The release date is still under discussion, but what I can say is that Kwamz and Smile Davis will be featured on there too. So keep an eye out for when those singles drop.

Your lyrics are often described as quite open and honest, why is important to you to be so transparent?

In an industry where the majority tends to fabricate and garnish the truth of life, I want to keep it raw – the good, the bad and the ugly. I have nothing to lose telling the truth, but always something to gain when listeners like what I create because they can relate to it.

You have previously collaborated with several well known rappers including Skepta and Youngs Teflon, is there ever any pressure to deliver when you are on a track with such talented artists?

There is no doubt that there is pressure to perform when you’re working with such talented and well-known rappers. There is an underlying goal that you want to give a good impression but also be recognised on a track and not be too dominated by them. With collaborations with big artists, you have to push yourself to perform at the same level and have confidence in doing it, all of which I know I can do.

You have been building a buzz on the underground for a while now, what do you think has made you stand out as an artist during that time?

I take pride that I don’t sound like everybody else on the scene and that is a bonus. I make feel good music rather than what’s trending at the time. I avoid the hype because I want my music to be relevant for years, not just for a summer. I want to be known as a talented relatable artist, not a one-hit wonder.

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

I’d like to shout out my engineer, Unit, and then my producers Zeph Ellis, B Mac and Jay.