San Francisco based producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Aabo, real name Aaron Bortz, has established a thriving reputation via original productions and covers. Earlier this year, his collaborative project with Lafa Taylor called FEEL, amassed an impressive measure of accolades from tastemakers such as NOISEY Clash Magazine,  and  Mass Appeal and received remixes from StarRo (Soulection), Flamingosis Roy Davis JR, Mumbai SciencePenthouse Penthouse, and more,on the full-length album.

Aabo returns with up and coming vocalist Megan Gage on a cover of Drake’s “Child’s Play.” Completely reworking the original track, he creates an entirely new composition for the song featuring both electronic and organic instrumentation including 808, synths, and guitar. The vocal top-line has also been entirely rewritten to reflect a different perspective, only keeping the main chorus elements of the single in tact.

I enjoyed the new spin the pair brought to the track. With everyone covering Drake these days it was nice to hear an interpretation that didn’t sound like everything else.

While I liked the vocals on this song and the harmonies were dope, the production is what really sold it to me. It is evident Aabo is really becoming a master of his craft. Everything about the instrumentation and structure of this cover feels intentional yet so effortless at the same time.

I am definitely a fan of this, are you?

Check the song out here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!