“Everyone has a voice, sometimes all that’s needed is a Microphone”

IndustryMe has positioned itself to be that microphone for the unheard voices on the underground of the creative industry.

The aim of IndustryMe is to chronicle and encourage budding talent within the Music, and Entertainment sectors. We aim to do this by providing a platform that not only showcases your work but equips you with the necessary know-how and skills to aid you on your journey.

Founded in late 2016, IndustryMe takes a step back from a scene obsessed with pomp and circumstance shifting the focus to talent and genuine passion for the craft.

Priding ourselves on authenticity, each post on the site exhibits some of the top upcoming talent across the creative industry.

We want to hear YOUR story.


Who runs IndustryMe?

IndustryMe is run by our Editor Ray Sang, Assistant Editor Tom Atkinson, and a team of voluntary writers

How do I become a contributor for IndustryMe?

We are always looking for new writers. Contact us via the contact form below, stating your area of interest and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I make a submission?

Please contact us via the contact form below :

Do you offer any services for upcoming creatives?

Yes, all of which are briefly detailed here on our ‘Services’ page.