You may remember my first encounter with Superfecta from last summer. For those who need a brief refresher I was raving about the band’s amazing energy and an incredible guitar solo on the song mannequin.

Naturally when I heard they had a new single, I had high expectations.

While I took an unexpected walk on the wild side with this track, I thoroughly enjoyed it, not only for its musical intensity but also for the depth of its content.

Sonically the track was a blend of alternative stylings of Placebo, with a dash of Auto Pilot off rock edge.

This was a classic rock song, complete with metronome like hit hats, melodic high energy guitar riffs and raw edgy vocals.

The star of the show was the drummer who effortlessly, transitioned between the songs main 3 motifs; with each sound being symbol for a different emotion.

When asked what the song was about the band said

The theme of he song is quite dark to be honest . It`s one man`s reflection on his life, the regret he`s had to live with, and the decision as to whether he should push on in a positive frame of mind or maybe toy with the dark side. But it`s a pumping new track we feel, purposefully written in three different kind of movements to reflect joy, darkness and contemplation.

The band have teased that there will be another single in the lead up to the Album release in the summer. In the meantime you can catch IndustryMe at their Album Launch this weekend