Ajia slows it right down and opts for a soulful mid tempo number with brand new single Moonwalking. Stripping the production back, the R&B singer gives us a real taste of her unique vocal stylings.

When reviewing her EP Visions earlier this year, I expressed an interest in wanting to hear Ajia explore her lower register and use of vibrato. This is where the distinctiveness of her voice really begins to flourish.

Ajia’s usual harmonies and adlibs are faintly dotted around the track, giving listeners the elements of her sound we’ve grown to enjoy without comprising the songs chilled vibe.

Moonwalking has a slightly more commercial sound than her previous material but still manages to capture the essence of Ajia, Neo-soul infused R&B style.

With great replay value being one of my favourite things about the song, this is one I’ll definitely have on repeat.

Something tells me that this only the tip of the iceberg and I have big expectations from this rising star for 2019.