Happy Friday. We are returning with the perfect song to kick start your weekend courtesy of singer songwriter Alex Parvenu.

Alex Parvenu is a British musician/producer from London. Growing up in a musical household, Parvenu cites the likes of The Temptations, Donny Hathaway, Paul Simon, and contemporary artists such as Lauryn Hill, Raphael Saadiq, and Cee Lo Green as his sources of inspiration.

Today he unveils his debut single “It wasn’t me”.

Written and produced by Parvenu, ‘It Wasn’t Me’ offers a satirical take on the father-boyfriend relationship. In Parvenu’s own words:

It’s every dad’s worst nightmare when their beloved daughter brings home their boyfriend. In that moment, one forgets that they too were once in the same position as ‘the boyfriend’.

Parvenu directed the comedic music video himself which features animated versions of the soul music greats who inspired him.

Here’s what happened when we spoke about his journey so far.

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

Creating…and a chance to escape what we deem to be reality…artist create their own reality, and art, if approached correctly, lives longer than the artist.

How does working in the US compare with being in the UK?

Both have their own unique vibe. I’ve enjoyed pulling inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic, and working with different personnel who bring different vibes to the final masterpiece.

What’s the response to your music been like over there as a British Artist?

I don’t think it’s mattered so much that I’m a British artist. What I love about the States is that there seems to be a great respect for authenticity. I think that has been what the people who have gravitated towards what I do, have admired.

Let’s talk about your new single.

When writing the song did you always intended for it to be satirical, if not what was the writing process like?

I get told by people all the time “you’re funny”; I definitely don’t consider myself to be witty, however, as a songwriter, my personality certainly spills through into my writing. Believe it or not, I was inspired by ‘The Temptations – My Girl’ when writing ‘It Wasn’t Me’..


You decided to opt for an animated style of video, was there any particular reason for this?

I mean who doesn’t love cartoons? I absolutely LOVE cartoons, so it was a no-brainer. I story-boarded what I wanted to depict in the visual and ended up directing it myself; an animation seemed like the most viable way to bring it to life with the ideas I had.

What is the biggest lesson you learned regarding your musical career this year?

To always believe something wonderful is about to happen

In light of Christmas very quickly approaching, What is your favourite holiday season tradition?

I love everything about Christmas. It’s definitely my favourite season. I love spending time with family and friends, decorations, Christmas songs, all of it!

What are your Top 3 Christmas songs?

Oh this is hard! I love Jackson 5’s version of ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’,

Most versions of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and you can’t have Christmas without singing ‘Silent Night’…it’s a classic.

Ooo good choices now for the million dollar question, will we finally have a body of work from you next year?

Apparently, yes! My EP Blue Summer, and who knows what else!

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

I mean right now I’m hyped about some work I’m doing with JReid the producer, my aka boy Chevi. He produced Chun Li for Nicki Minaj and I’m excited about some of the bits we’ve started working on, including a Part II for ‘It Wasn’t Me’. So shoutout to Chevi, and to everyone out there checking out this interview, thanks for showing an interest in what I do.

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