Alex Parvenu unleashes cool vintage cut “Middle Finger’’

Alex Parvenu is a British musician/producer from London UK, who after a bitter relationship breakdown, reflects poetically on his stance on love.

Middle Finger is a smooth vintage culmination of alternative soul and R&B with an contemporary twist.

Echoing the sentiments of all the breakup songs that went before it ‘middle finger’ captures all of the emotions stages of ending a relationship both musically and lyrically.

Let’s break it down

The first verse begins with a sombre soul infused, almost Motownesque introduction. This motif reappears at the beginning of the song’s subsequent verses perhaps alluding to the singers battle with sadness.

This is rapidly replaced by what only be described as jubilation coursey of an almost funk inspired bass line, electric piano and high hats.

For the most part the song is in a major key, which is likely indicative of the fact that despite the singer being upset with the actions of be lover he has made his peace with it, and is finally in a happy place.

The real treat however was unexpected 8 bar after the bridge. This was the cherry on top that brought the song into the modern era. The contemporary twist added by this hip hop flavour was just what the song needed to keep listeners engaged until the end of the song.

Speaking of which, did you hear those adlibs in the final chorus?

They definitely taking me back to the early 2000s reminding me somewhat of Mario.

All in all this was a beautifully executed fusion of sounds and I look forward to hearing what Alex does next!

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