Allegra Jordyn Is Back With Her EP, Take It From Me

Take it from Allegra Jordyn, she knows how to write a superb song and in her latest musical announcement, she hasn’t just released one, but a whole EP! The Toronto-based pop artist has previous releases, such as Numb which is described as a ‘beat-heavy track with robustly alluring vocals’ as well as Leading U On, her third single which was released on October the 8th, ahead of Allegra’s upcoming EP.

Both are featured in her EP, titled Take It From Me, I Know which is available to listen today–  if you are looking for an artist whose musical backing is unique and interesting, a beautiful vocal performance and a blend of acoustic and pop. 

The EP is incredibly listenable, especially on repeat, due to the accessible and relaxing lilt to Allegra’s vocal tone. This does not suggest, by any means, that the songs lack a punch or a steady beat to keep the melody thriving. In actuality, the combination of the backing music with Allegra’s voice has a brilliant effect that as a listener, you can sit back into as it dances through the air. 

Each song has a different approach musically, where some are heavier pop moments, others play with acoustic elements. However, they all remain consistent in quality. 

The songwriter has discussed the meaning behind the title of this EP, stating it was a message to my former self to take what I’ve been through and move on. I’m sure many of us would enjoy going back in time to warn our past selves of future mistakes that only through reflection and experience do we know the consequences of. However, this approach to the concept is a refreshing change, reminding us that the best lessons can sometimes be the ones we teach ourselves, that moving through what is being thrown our way and claiming those stories and emotions are integral to who we become. 

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