Amethyst returns with her latest single, Get Comfortable

Soulful songstress Amethyst brings us cool yet jazzy tones to her new hit ‘Get Comfortable’. The song is set to feature on her upcoming EP which is set to be released this year. 

Originally from Chichester, Amethyst has established herself and her sound through the release of previous singles ‘Can’t Let Go’ and ‘Up All Night’.  Thus far she has received success through airplay on various stations from BBC Introducing to US radio, although she is still finding her feet within the music industry and experimenting with different styles to perfect her music, she is definitely one to watch this year as she continues to release fantastic music from the heart.

The track sounds beautiful as we hear silky smooth vocals mixed with blues and funk. The song will captivate your heart as the tune is filled with raw emotion and personal words, I would say this one is more mellow and chilled which is good for relaxing whilst swaying along to the mesmerizing rhythm. The narrative within the track is intriguing and will take listeners on a journey with her smooth basslines and deep guitar riffs.


Although it is a slow burner with quiet tempos, It makes you feel moved as the song is meaningful and intense. ‘Get Comfortable’ has a hint of sass and groove to it which helps make it indulging and rich.  The vocals on this song are full of passion alongside sweet yet smoky harmonies, the words ‘Get Comfortable’ make me think of being comfortable in your skin and truly loving yourself before you can be comfortable with loving anyone else and this is something I have personally struggled with in the past and I now feel ready to give my love to someone special and get rid of any negative thoughts I may have on myself.

The lyrics help translate personal messages which is what Amethyst does to help people relate to any similar experiences or to add her own personality to make it unique.  Positive vibes only from the song as she talks of being calm and collective bringing sunshine to brighten up a miserable day. 

Amethyst tells the story of the importance of communication and love in a relationship as the track is based on a couple falling out of love and breaking up but then realising, they want the same thing and get back together.  Being open and honest with someone is the key to a happy relationship, it is important you are both comfortable with one another to talk freely about your feelings. The sensual sounding instrumental emphasises the words as well as the mood changing from sorrow to cheery.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to more fabulous music from Amethyst in the near future.  ‘Get Comfortable’ is available to stream everywhere now.

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