Introducing Nelson King, a Lo-Fi artist based in Brighton, England.

Having become one of the most fascinating artists on the Indie music scene, and with rave reviews behind him, Nelson King now releases his new single ‘Angels Must Kiss Like This’

Described as having a prolific catalogue of material that navigates an array of genres with effortless versatility, exampled by his latest song ‘Angels Must Kiss Like This’. The song forms part of King’s project ‘The Collection’. A fitting title as the album is a collection of King finest lyrics and ideas. The album has a very authentic feel synonymous with the feeling of watching King play a set at one of his shows. Each song seamlessly flows into the next, yet has a distinct theme/emotion.

The first thing to be noted about the song ( other than the Striking title) is the emotion filled guitar melody. Dissimilar to a lot modern day music the focus is the guitar rather than the vocals, which appear slightly faded in  the background in order to reflect the idea of the world fading in awe of the moment where he kisses the angel.

The song details being overwhelmed by love and wanting to hold on to that indescribable sentiment. It is a beautiful song, with elegant imagery that you can leave on loop and never get tired of.

If you close your eyes and listen you can almost imagine being in a bar and watching this man sing his heart out.

My only criticism being that the song ends rather abruptly leaving you as a listener wanting to her more, which we suppose makes for a great marketing strategy and definitely keeps you interested in the rest of the album.

Overall, its a great opening song with an authentic sound.

You can find further information on Nelson King by visiting his website or you can follow him on social media at

Listen to Nelson King’s new single ‘Angels Must Kiss Like This’ here

I cant help but feel that the track sounds like something that should a part of a Movie or TV show soundtrack. If you agree let me know in the comments below.