Having headlined a number of prestigious venues around London as well as exposure on a number of radio stations in the UK, Ania Diamond now returns with her new single, Butterflies which is now available to purchase through all major download stores.

The first you notice with is Ania’s tone. While her voice is light an airy especially in the upper register there’s also a great power behind it in the chorus which gives the song a some what ethereal feel.

This was aided by sythns and the vocal loop on the hook, which I must say was very catchy.

For me this song was vocally enjoyable, but lyrically left something to be desired.

I am all for the beauty in simple lyrics but felt like they would have been more effective on a track with a faster tempo. This song would definitely benefit from a dance/house or even drum and bass remix (I hope that’s still a thing). If any producers reading this do decide to do a remix of this song please tweet it to me @industrymee.

Recorded at Charthouse Music who have worked with the likes of Sam Smith and Pixie Lott to name but a few, the track has been described as blending 90’s down-tempo house music with contemporary pop and tropical sounds.

The track details feelings of being ready for the next chapter of a relationship. It’s about the realisation that you want things to be serious, the moment you get butterflies as the song title suggests.

Details on this along with further information on Ania Diamond can be found on her website www.facebook.com/AniaDiamondOfficial and www.twitter.com/aniadiamond