Ari Tahan Breathes ‘Under Water’

UK-based singer Ari Tahan makes music for the collective. She chooses to write melodies inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys, Adele, Ella Eyre and Lewis Capaldi.

She was mentored by Judie Tzuke who co-wrote her upcoming EP ‘Closure‘ which is said to be an exploration of her parent’s divorce from the perspective of both her mum and herself.

Some of you are children of divorce or painful separation and some of you know the emotional turmoil of being divorced yourselves… It’s okay. Take a deep breath. We’re going Under Water.

UK-based singer Ari Tahan

Describing the agony of feeling suffocated, Ari describes the final stages of the separation between her parents in this emotionally jarring song. Helping her get though her own pain, Ari has said that “this song will always break my heart”.

The soulful keys produced by David Goodes and gut-wrenching lyrics had me reaching for some tissues every once in a while. The pain in her voice is so raw. I took some time to interview a family member who is a divorcee to truly understand the meaning of Under Water and the general consensus of thought was that it hurts and it can be ugly, but its freeing. It takes a whole lot of strength to go through it.

A long way away from the debut of ‘Stones’ and quite soon after the release of the remix of ‘Idiot‘, Ari Tahan plans to release her EP in April and tour across the UK from then on! Ari Tahan has a beautiful journey ahead of her. Her dedication and songwriting skills are worthy of praise, guys. Keep up with her tour dates and release on and on Instagram.

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