Goosebumps. The feeling I got almost immediately when I heard this song for the first time and a every time after that. It was simply incredible how one man’s voice and a guitar were able to create such a wealth of emotion. Even more  amazing was the lyrical content of the song which articulated the comfort of having that one person around through the ups and downs of life.

Around is a poignant acoustic written by Michael Koullas. Born and raised in Limassol Cyprus, Michael’s passion for music started from a very young age. During High School, he took part in various school bands as a vocalist and guitarist, booking gigs from the age of 16 in local venues In Limassol. At the age of 19, he studied at the University of Huddersfield, graduating with a Bachelor in Popular Music and Performance. Upon returning from his studies, he worked with various bands professionally in Limassol, where he further developed his skills as a musician and songwriter, culminating in presenting his first material at Fengaros 2014. In 2016, he graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Sussex in Music and Sonic Media, where his Creative Project, the EP titled ‘Voyage of the Muse’ received a Distinction from the Music Department.
He currently lives in London, where he started taking part in the music scene as a guitarist and composer, as well as preparing further music material for future release.

Around is a song that is very personal to the writer and is carefully crafted to give it that authentic feeling. Koullas is careful not to over complicate the song with extra instrumentation and complex riffs but instead ops for a simple melody and soulful vocals. Think Passenger but stripped back a little more.

The song is split into three parts the first part focuses on the singers arrival to a new place meeting with his love. Part two details the harsh reality of moving to a new city; finally, it culminates with an uncertain future, a sense of ambiguity and open-endedness. Like life itself, I guess. In the third part the writer asks whether his situation is getting better shortly followed by the song fading out further feeding into its ambiguity.

The repetitive melody line perfectly illustrates the constant of the writers love being around him. Koullas’ storytelling is effortless and honest, with every word taking you further along the journey and each strum helping to create a picture in your minds eye.

After hearing this song, I anticipate an equally beautiful and thoughtful album in the near future – Koullas you are most definitely on my radar,

Around is available on all major streaming sites including, spotify, Google Play and Apple music.

You can follow Michael here:

TWITTER: @mikekoull
INSTAGRAM: mkoullas

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