Previously featured rapper Westside FX recently finished filming his music video for his new song “War” featuring rapper Bro Burch in Los Angeles, CA. We wanted to tune into some behind the scenes of what happened
IndustryMe brings you the latest from behind the scenes of this dope production.

The video had characters such as a Donald Trump look alike (played by Rudolph Whitcomb), Kim Jong Un look alike (played by Ray Choi), 2 beautiful leading ladies, and some friends.

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The video was directed by the talented Tom Edwards. Tom Edwards is an indie film director & producer from Southampton, England. After to moving to Shanghai, China in 2005. Tom’s first ever narrative film that he solely wrote, directed, produced, shot & edited was awarded the “Best Overall Film” at the Shanghai Student Film Festival. In early 2017 Tom founded production company “Highway 11” with indie filmmaker Alon Juwal where they specialize in feature films, short films, music videos, and commercials. Alon Juwal produced the music video alongside executive producer, Christina Cooper.

The video wouldn’t have been possible without their amazing set crew including Robin Kim, Ray Choi, and Matt Marinelli. Producers had the amazing celebrity stylist Brittany Diego style Westside FX as well as the 2 beautiful leading lady models in the video, Tymera Finley, and Frida Camila. Natalie Aguirre was the head make up artist on set and Photographer Tiffany Gilbert took some amazing behind the scene shots of the whole production. The storyline is super dope and very relevant to everything going on in today’s society.

The song is called “War” but there is a bigger picture behind the song title. He wants to uplift & encourage the youth to be better & do better instead of always resulting to conflict & weapons. The video is soon to air on All Def Digital’s music platform as well as many others. Stay tuned to see what rapper Westside FX is up to next!