BIM is Beauty In Chaos Amidst Her latest EP Release

I had the fortune of covering BIM’s previous release I Still Remember about three months ago and back then, I was amazed by her incredible voice and thoroughly enjoyed the fusion of gospel and R and B that makes up BIM’s growing brand. I reiterate her successful career thus far, providing vocals for artists such as Elton John, Dua Lipa, and Bastille, but there is no doubt that this artist is coming into her own sound and making a stamp on the music industry. Beauty In Chaos goes to show that BIM has immense potential to bring something very special and authentic to our ever-growing community. 

Once again, the vocals of Beauty in Chaos are outstanding, especially in Alone 2022 where BIM gives herself the opportunity to showcase those beautiful tones. The EP releases on January 28th and offers “a snapshot of what it means to be a woman, simultaneously confident and growing through frailties” which is executed differently in every song. I really appreciate the variations between the songs within this release as it reflects the women she is representing: all different and yet, all beautifully crafted in their own way. 

I especially liked The Knowledge which features a selection of voices sharing the moment they knew they had found the one versus the moment they knew someone was definitely not the one for them. A backing of music gives a rhythmic feel to the voices and they vary in tone; some light-hearted, reminiscing about first dates at Pizza Hut where the date utilised a voucher and made the speaker pay the majority of the bill herself, causing her to realise, “I knew life was too short for such cheapness”. Others offer a more serious glimpse at a reality that many experiences in their lifetime regarding toxic and abusive relationships. One speaker shares, “I knew he wasn’t the one for me when I stopped growing”, a compelling moment for BIM’s listeners that provides a place of reassurance to those who have been in a similar position or have watched loved ones navigate the “internal conflicts” and “external pressures” for women which BIM wishes to shed some light on in her work. However, the confessions are not all negative, some share uplifting moments when they realised they had fallen for ‘the one’ with notes of wistful recollection accompanied by other confessions that cannot help but bring a smile to your face. A particular favourite of mine: “I had peace, after so much confusion with others, this one just feels right”.

Beauty in Chaos seeks to explore “finding the balance of navigating self-awareness” all while “experiencing love and holding onto joy” which is an important message to convey as it is something so many of us are constantly combating in our lives. A touching note BIM has attached to the EP states, “It’s an ode to women like me being seen” – something which is abundantly necessary for our industry today. 

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