Bo Baskaro drops his latest EP ‘Wildfire’

Alt/pop singer-songwriter Bo Baskaro returns with his brand new EP ‘Wildfire’.  Originally from the Pacific Northwest Bo is well known for his nostalgic yet energising ear candy, with honest words he mixes cheesiness to captivate listeners and to make the music sound bittersweet. Bo became successful with his first single ‘High (Keep Up)’ in 2017 which received 2 million streams.

The tracks on the EP sound beautiful as he mixes funky beats with mellow harmonies, the vocals are so delicate and full of emotion and passion.  Every word he sings is personal and meaningful to him. It is happy, fun, and represents good times, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside as the cold nights are upon us soon, remembering that stunning sunshine shining bright on us. This style of music will make us want to jig on the spot to keep ourselves cosy.

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The opening track ‘Every Memory’ is one I adore as it is moving but also cheery to help brighten up your day.  The song has upbeat tempos as well as containing chilled melodies.  Every memory is one we all long to cherish with people we love, making memories is so important as we go through life as they help us remember the good times we had together when we eventually pass away.  You can hear the raw sounds in his vocals as he speaks about love and holding on to the thought of someone close.

The second track ‘The Colour Blue’ is a heart-warming alternative anthem with electric rhythms and epic sentimental vocals.  The groovy sounding tune is brought to life as he speaks about hoping they will fall for him as the feeling of being alone is something he isn’t keen on.  Another song I find intriguing is ‘Close Enough’ as the tones are both smooth and silky which make it sound fresh and new, the thought of being close enough to reach a goal and being good enough is one that I pick up on from this song and from my own experiences I have felt this way in regard to thinking whether I am good enough to be loved by someone.  It oozes with soppiness and his happy-go-lucky personality shines through perfectly.

IndustryMe hopes that Bo Baskaro will continue to write more genuine music as it is really enjoyable to listen to.

Listen to ‘Wildfire’ by Bo Baskaro here:

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