‘Bored’ Reimagined by Brooke Alexx

Having already released a video and a live performance of the track I was intrigued to see where else Brooke could take this song from both a musical and a vocal standpoint.

For this iteration it appears that the Nashville singer shifted her focus to the tonal intensity of her vocals and the instrumental transitions within the progression of the tracks storyline.

The original video for ‘Bored’, taken from Brooke’s ‘Me’ EP, was released on May 14th 2019. Inevitably Brooke Alexx has grown since then and it’s evident in her sound.

The result? An increased sense of confidence, sass and clarity.

The pop song’s apparent rock edge, tipped the scales from the airy, somewhat dainty sound explored on original to savage; all whilst communicating the idea of finality in the singer’s feelings.

There is something simply addicting about this version’s haunting almost siren like harmonies.

The real sign of Brooke’s artistic growth is highlighted by the thought given to her annunciation and atmospheric details.

Equally this version of ‘Bored’ sees the pop singer push herself in ways that were only teased on her previous EP, leading listeners to believe that there’s far more power in her voice that anticipated.

Leaning in to ballad territory as previously seen on ‘Distance’ everything about the song feels more intentional, making the vocal performance a lot more convincing this time around.

The versatility shown on this release, excites me for whatever Brooke has cooking for the remainder of the year.

Listen to ‘Bored’ (Stripped) here

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