Boy Nash is no stranger to pushing the bounds of the “average” thought-body so it’s no surprise that when he returned from his year-long breather, he brought back with him the kind of grit that even miners couldn’t find!

Each and every bar is like a chapter from a powerfully enthralling book that was accidentally left on the seat of a train that wouldn’t be returning to the station for a very long time. Simply Captivating.

On production is Mantis Media, embedding a Paul McCartney & Wings sample of Dear Friend, integrating a snippet from the 1971 classic with archetypal reiterations of 90’s to early 00’s hip-hop inspired keyboard patterns and drum-loops; creating an all-round phlegmatic environment for pro provocateur Nash to initiate his cross-examination of the current state of the human psyche.  

So, as a species, we tend to roam around in search for the most natural-feeling path to fulfilling our objectives, oftentimes overlooking or even avoiding the spaces in between the bricks on the journey paved ahead.

In order to handle the situations with which we are faced, we must be well-equipped to handle ourselves. Gotham serves as a sworn statement that yes, it can be done.

Challenging perceptual standings, interpersonal interactions, social ills and their repercussions, Nash confidently picks at the layman’s brain. With reference to Batman’s homecity which is, like many parts of the world, cold, dark, damp and fearsome, he expands on some of the methods he has chosen to grind through this life thing, from the brightest of moments and through the most questionable of scenarios.

The train can keep on going so long as Boy Nash’s chapters don’t run out because let’s keep it real, when it comes to living peacefully and productively, why rush reaching a destination? Does it really mean so much to you?

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