This album screams versatility!

It was one of those records where you think you’ve chosen your favourite only for it to be replaced by the next track you hear.

I was so excited when the release date was announced as this was one of the most anticipated albums of the year for me.

Let’s put my excitement to the side for one moment and get into my track by track breakdown of Jerrod Brosean’s ‘Boyfriend Material’ .


There was absolutely no way you could listen to this track and not know the name of the album, the name of the artist in question, and the type of music you were about to hear.

This track was bait and I fell for it hook line and sinker.

It drew me in and I immediately wanted to hear the album as soon as I heard it. The vocals were sharp and prestine, and the track was catchy and grabbed my attention.

What can I say this intro was fit for purpose. Mission accomplished- anticipation successfully built.

Beautiful life

I’m gonna refer to this song as the wedding song. I already had a music video planned in my head when I heard this song. The acoustic sound definitely suited Jerrod’s voice. The harmonies were just right, clean and not over done. The hints of falsetto I’ve come to like as a part of his sound were there too. What I really appreciated on this song though was that we got to hear the tone of Broseans voice, in this stripped back arrangement. Not to mention his vocal control was amazing. Tone wise I was hearing hints of Keiynan Lonsdale.

(To all my Australian readers out there, please back me up in the comments below if you agree πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘‡πŸΎ)


This song had the best musicality on the album. The instrumentation and the layering of this track were very much intentional. I also love the way the story develops throughout the song. This track also had some of my favourite adlibs from the record too.

On this track it appears that the texture thickens as plot does, being the most instrumentally full during the hook, where the singer comes to the realisation that he’s been played.

While it is clear that this is my favourite song of the album, I was not a fan of the ending and felt that it was far too abrupt.

Mi Todo

Latin American music is doing very well in the charts right now, so this is by far the most commercial song on the album. It would fit right in with mainstream music as it carries a similar sort of vibe.

With that being said, the track has all of Brosean’s signatures including his infamous adlibs and smooth falsetto.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this song. It caught me off guard but it was a welcome change to Brosean’s usual sound. I was very impressed.


Boyfriend Material was certainly not short of surprises and this was definitely one of them. With production remenisent of David Guetta this is a completely new sound.

The R&B singer shocked us all with this uptempo dance track.

The song details the singers acceptance of the fact that the relationship has ended, referencing how he rests in the content that they tried despite the outcome.

My Bad

Talk about taking it old school. Jerrod brought back that early 90s vibe I fell in love with on ‘right now’.

This track was smooth. Though I feel like it could have used a tad more bass.

Of course I enjoyed the harmonies as per usual.

I also appreciated that this song had an organic outro.

What Was The Point?

This song is a grower. It was probably my least favourite when I first heard it. I personally felt like there was too much going on production wise. However on listening again, understanding the lyrics, the production made sense. The singer is expressing is confusion over the state and purpose of the relationship in question, so the many elements are likely to represent the singers conflicting thoughts. Lyrically this song was the most relatable on the album. It was well written with a coherent storyline. I particularly loved the piano melody, which was simple yet poignant.

Right now

I have an entire post dedicated to this song so you guys already know how much I enjoyed it. In brief great vocals, nice harmonies good vibe.

This highly anticipated album did not disappoint! I for one cannot wait to see how it does in the new year.

What a way to close my 2017.

Have a Happy New Year folks!

The album is available for your listening pleasure here.

If you enjoyed it as much as I did let me know in the comments below

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