The last few years have been a progressive journey for BRKE, (pronounced Brooke) as she’s curated her sound, an eclectic blend inspired by the London Hip-Hop, Afro-swing and Grime movements, seen and heard in both the audio and the visuals to ‘Control Me’.

Impressed by the accompanying visuals, I have to admit that it wasn’t what I was expecting. While the quality of the video came as no surprise as BRKE has always maintained a high standard there, the narrative was interesting.

This song definitely differed from BRKE, with production style that was clearly influenced by the Afro swing wave. Hats off to the producer on this one because he definitely kept the vibe going throughout the song. Melodically the production reminded me a bit of Yxng Bane’s Rihanna, but considering how successful the song was, that’s hardly a bad thing.

For someone with a very dainty voice, her look in this was surprisingly edgy, though I have to say I did enjoy the contrast.

While the growth between this song and ‘Cupid’ is clear, I would like to see a song with more lyrical depth from BRKE in the future.

She’s the kind of artist that keeps you on your toes as you never quite know what she will do next. What I can predict is that if this song is anything to go by, it will be vocally great, I can only hope that the lyrical content of her next release matches up.