I have been loving the emergence of the UK dancehall scene this year. While it has been steadily growing for a number of years, it’s impact and subsequent presence has intensified over the last 12 months seeing it incorporated in a wide array of urban songs.

Naturally the melodic sounds of Caribbean culture and the intricate rhythms undergirding the genre help to maintain a close connection to the best memories of my homeland.

In a nutshell that is exactly what this song did for me. While it is clearly a rap number the dancehall influence is simply undeniable here. And perhaps I am biased by the track’s dancehall flavour but I cannot go without mentioning Buck’s flow and delivery. Everything about it felt slick and organic, much like a stroll on the beach. (See what I did there)

The seamless transition between the rappers bars and surprisingly good vocals in the verses, gave the track that added finesse without losing its sense of authenticity.

Given this unpredictable weather we’ve been having here in London, Buck brought that much needed sunshine with this mid tempo number.

Calling on the vocals of budding R&B singer Raheem Bakare to bring the hook to life on the Bach produced record, Buck has created a track that is both enjoyable and engaging.

The accompanying visuals, most definitely captured the spirit of song, providing beautiful views of the Caribbean.

Speaking on the record, Buck London expressed that the song was solely based on his imagination

“I use my imagination a lot when writing music. I can create a song about something and strictly use my imagination. It was more how the beat made me feel and the vibe at the time.”

More about the artist
The talented rapper began mastering his craft from a very young age and would often use rap as a therapeutic method to alleviate the ever-testing and difficult issues he would face growing up. Buck who sights the likes of Hip Hop greats 2Pac, Big L and The Notorious BIG as his inspirations, found himself studying the movements of today’s elite icons (50 Cent, Eminem) allowing him to naturally refine his end product.
Having released previous material such as ‘2000 & Bucks’ – his very first mixtape, to the highly circulated mixtape ‘Straight From the Soil’ hosted by Shadyville DJ – Mr Peter Parker had industry heads in the States eager to hear more from the London rapper.

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