To love a man

Celeste Returns With Her Latest Single, To Love a Man

The dazzling sound of Celeste Waite is classically recognised by her soulful, vibrant, gospel style, which undeniably sets her apart from fellow artists today.

On 25th March 2022, the American born, UK raised artist dropped her latest single To Love A Man with Interscope Records.

The single comes after Celeste’s huge successes in 2021 following the release of her debut studio album Not Your Muse. Although the artist has been on the scene since the start of her career in 2017 with her debut EP The Milk & the Honey, the release of Not Your Muse cemented Celeste’s rightful place in the industry. The response and critical acclaim it received placed her No.1 on the UK Album Charts. It was also up for nomination at the 2021 Mercury Price Awards.

The mellow, rich tone of To Love A Man along with the simple and elegant piano partnering, makes this a classic celeste track which beautifully depicts the nature of her love with a man.

This new material from Celeste comes in the style of a stripped back ballad. It’s a timeless sound, which is strikingly poetic with the chilling edge to Celeste’s vocals.

To Love A Man tells the story of someone she used to know and love. It vocalises the act of trying to be happy for someone as you part ways and find other people in life.

The song reveals the distinctions between her experience in loving a boy and a man. Although she finds comfort in the arms of the boy, it’s not the love she felt for the man who came before him. The harsh reality is that despite her yearning for the love and passion she once felt for the man, their love caused mutual pain, and for that they must remain as two halves.

The melodic record released just in time for the arrival of spring, lyricises Celeste’s desire for their love to reblossom.

‘So, I hope spring lets it rebloom’

From To Love A Man By Celeste

Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings. This signifies her wish to reconnect and start fresh as she asks if ‘there’s a chance to take it all back’. Although, ultimately they weren’t right for each other and must as she sing, ‘let usual programming resume.’

We are likely to hear plenty more notable creations like To Love A Man from Celeste in the year to come and you can catch her on her debut headline UK tour throughout April, to hear her breathtaking vocals live.

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