Omeara is a live music venue near London Bridge, and is said to be the place for emerging talent to make their mark and for household names to break the rules. On September 10th they played host to Che Lingo, labelled by MTV as ‘The Master of Tempo’, who has been making a lasting impression with his music.

Omeara has a 320-capacity live space but still had a real intimate feel to it, the low lighting and surround sound made for a cosy yet edgy feel with some great structural detailing, but the lighting did unfortunately mean that getting pictures was an issue.

(dbcaptures was definitely a lifesaver on this one)

The Acts

First on was Mercedes Benson, a DJ, who was playing some old school classics with a real smooth changeover and was getting everyone on the dancefloor.

Following on was Leon Jacques, who really got the crowd’s energy pumped and had everyone singing and dancing. Armed with his own dancers and supported by Cartel, Leon had an incredible stage presence and was also a great dancer himself getting involved in the routines throughout his set. He had a great range of songs and they had been put together in a cohesive and interesting way.

Another act was Kadiata who was rolling out the rhymes and getting the crowd involved but at time I found him to be shouting more than rapping, the energy was almost too over the top and he came across arrogant. Following Kadiata was Sam Tompkins, an acoustic singer with a surprisingly effortless falsetto voice who was assisted by a guitarist. He managed to combine rapping and falsetto singing to create a unique and enjoyable sound, and we got to hear his next single ‘Holding On’ which you should definitely go and listen to.

Prior to Che Lingo coming on to close the show and MC came out to get the crowd pumped and by the time Che was on the stage the entire club was chanting and pumped up ready for the performance.

The Headlining Act

Che manages to merge intense lyricism with a unique euphonic rap style and spoke about how his new EPs and albums are about unlearning things he shouldn’t think, and about how there’s no template for love. His new song ‘Circles’ has a much more emotional and soulful feel about it but Che has a range of songs and really does have something for everyone.

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