Originally from Lebanon but raised in North Carolina, Joe Daccache’s blend of Pop, R&B and Gospel influences in his music has given him a unique sound that refreshingly sets him apart from his peers.

A recipient of John Lennon Songwriting Award, the singer’s prominence on the Nashville music scene has risen and we can see why. 

A featured artist in a Warner Music Artist Showcase in September, and recently played his first LGBTQ show in Nashville, the singer uses his music to incorporate a fresh perspective when it comes to religion, sexuality, and culture.

“Better Days” had already become a staple in my playlist so when asked to write about his latest release, I jumped at the chance. 

Inspired by his mother’s battle with cancer, ‘Clouds’ is a real tearjerker. Melancholic yet empowering, the song couldn’t have been released at a better time.

“alone in my room but it feel so damn crowded/lately I’m with friends but I feel isolated”

After hearing about his mom’s remission, Daccache wanted to channel positivity and create a song for anyone who needs help finding peace during hard times and boy did he deliver. 

A fresh take on the Pop/Gospel formula, Daccache’s crystal clear harmonies ride smoothly over the lightly strummed electric guitar and chilled beats. A range so wide, the singer’s vocal agility is the highlight of the track, (can’t tell you how many times we replayed that last high note!).

A time limit of 2:40, ‘Clouds’ is the pure definition of Short and Sweet and is a superb second single off Daccahe’s EP that is projected to be released this fall.

Listen to Clouds here:

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