Interiors by Element began as a way of sharing designs that tell a story and share the beauty of the natural world. In Belma’s words “living a life connected to nature makes us happier, and bringing elements of the outdoor world into our interiors is a great place to start.” Products are designed to be bold, striking and individualistic.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Belma at the London Design fair in partnership with Treniq. Here is what she had to say.

IM: How do you make sure your designs stay modern and maintain their urban edge?


IBE: I am forever searching for new and intriguing natural objects and processes to translate into beautiful interior products and I want my designs to inspire and intrigue you. I don’t believe in stating the obvious or playing it safe. With that being said I find that my best work happens when I keep things simple. By simple, I mean picking one element and drawing inspiration entirely from that.

IM: That’s pretty cool, so why is important that you were here today?

IBE: This is a huge Fair which hosts a wide range of talent. Events like this are the best way to get my name out there. London is one of the design centres of the world so as a UK based business events like these offer a great deal of exposure.

IM: I think it’s fair to say that your product is in a very niche market, of all the things you could have designed why wallpapers and rugs?


IBE:  Simply put there was a gap in the market for rugs, you don’t usually see a lot of companies doing them. As much as I love wallpaper and will continue to make them for now, rugs are definitely going to be my main focus.

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