It’s the second day of New Year and I couldn’t resist the temptation to throw in a cliche; despite every writers guide in the world telling me not to. Hashtag rebel.

I suppose I haven’t changed all that much – or have I?

Well for starters, I began writing with no plans or post direction, which is definitely new for me.

I mean with this new year comes a new segment, a new look and perhaps most surprisingly a new lust for life. (Yes I’m still making Drake references)

So of course, like many of you, I have a list of things I endeavour to achieve and milestones I want to hit over the course of the next 12 months.

But I am also determined to do things differently.

Why the sudden change?

I realised that perhaps unintentionally, in an effort to keep the focus on the creatives I’m seeking to highlight, I diverted a lot of attention away from myself.

As a result, outside of being someone who has a keen ear for musical greatness and an eye for talent little is known about me.

While I am not going to divulge the ins and outs of my life, I do think it’s important to share with you guys how I am personally navigating life as both a professional and a creative.

My primary aim, outside of the continued growth of IndustryMe is connect with all of you.

So allow me to reintroduce myself…

To all the subscribers, it’s a pleasure to see you all here again, and to those reading for the first time, thank you for stopping by. Writer by passion, Editor by title and music lover by nature I am a woman from the London with a vision. One that I hope will connect many from different walks of life through a love of the creative industry.

I’ve spent the last two years documenting the journeys of creatives across the world. From the UK to the US to Australia and back. It’s been an incredible ride and one that I am truly grateful that you have all chosen to embark on with me.

But what of my own creative journey?

If there was anything the last year taught me it is that I have my own unique story and this year I am determined to share it.

*Enter new segment Confessions of a Creative*

That’s entirely what this segment will be about. A space that I’ll go to once a month to give you all the real tea, that comes with the hussle. I don’t know exactly what I’ll say, but I think that perhaps that’s the part of the thrill. What I can guarantee is open, honest and candid conversation about the creative journey.

So where am I at right now, and What can you expect from IndustryMe in the future?

Don’t panic! #IMMusicMonday is here to stay. I am still all about the music, that’s why I started and I have no intentions of deviating from the plan.

Wednesday is still the day for Lifestyle content offering you all the latest tips, hacks and motivation you need for navigating life as a creative.

We will of course keep you posted on whats going on in the Entertainment world each and every Friday.

The Creative Crossroads

Do I want to be the face of the brand?

That’s a question that I’ve never really been able to answer. IndustryMe was birthed out of my frustration of the underrepresentation of New artists. I wanted others to share in the joy I felt discovering new music.

It’s always been about something bigger than me, so for now I’ll let the talent speak for itself.

Should anything change you will be the first to know.

Do I want to focus on more lifestyle related content?

I mean where do I even begin.

The short answer – Yes! I think that it will be fun to see how I explore this further over the course of the year, but you’ll most certainly be in for an interesting ride.

So maybe it isn’t a new me after all, just a different perspective.

In any case I am glad you’ve chosen to join in the fun.

Honest insight from budding music & lifestyle blogger ray sang

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