Lifestyle, Wellness & Hair Blogger Saabirah Lawrence shares her top tips for content creation on budget.

Approaching four incredible years into my blogging journey, and I am still blogging on a budget.


I am using my blog as an outlet and to create empowering pieces of writing for the black community. It is not a full time career for me, which gives me a lot of freedom to do what I want to do.


I am all for investing into a hobby, there is nothing wrong with investing in your blog whilst it is still a hobby. However It Is important to think carefully about what you are willing to spend on equipment and tools, because great content doesn’t have to leave your pockets dry.

Lifestyle wellness and natural hair blogger Saabirah Lawrence shares her tips for creating great content on a budget

Blogging is something that can be done using the simplest of tools. Your smart phone for example, I started my blog with just my phone. There are a few restrictions and limitations when it comes to just using those tools, but they are still effective. I wouldn’t let a lack of anything stop you from creating the content you want to create.

Use What You Have

Along my journey I have learnt to be smart when it comes to creating content, making smart and affordable purchases to enhance my content. For flat lays I simply buy a roll of white paper from Wilko and use masking tape to tape it to my wall and desk. This creates a smooth and clean backdrop for you to get creative and add props. I love reusing tissue paper or the brown paper you get with your amazon packages, faux plants create some really nice textures to a photograph too. Play around with paper, card and fabric samples to create texture and dimension.

I always try to use what I have or think about what I have already written about and how I can continue the conversation in another blog post e.g. ‘How to/Why Use a Deep Conditioner’ and then another post on ‘My Favorite Deep Conditioners’. This will also help with consistency, similar to keeping a few pictures of yourself backed up, you should do the same for blog posts. I often write a title and a few sentences to start myself off and save it to my drafts.

I mainly use free apps to edit my photos, you can pay to use more filters and tools, they are normally very affordable depending on the app. My favorite photography editing apps are: Canva, VSCO, Snapseed, Lightroom and Artist. I use a few other apps that help to keep everything organised like: Buffer and Unum.

The most important thing when it comes to creating on a budget, is to stay true to yourself and what the message is that you’re trying to convey. Quality is important, that doesn’t mean you must have the most expensive equipment, start with what you have and use your voice to create the content you’re most passionate about.

Lifestyle wellness and natural hair blogger Saabirah Lawrence shares her tips for creating great content on a budget