Toronto Artist Denim Blù Releases His Single ‘Blue’

Toronto-based queer musician Denim Blù drops his brand new single ‘Blue’. Denim Blù mixes sassy R&B beats with smooth jazzy tones which gives this song freshness and originality.  Music is a healer for these issues and letting it all out is the only way to move forward.  

Denim has already released three singles from the new album and these have gone down well thus far as they have been played on various stations and media outlets such as Canadian Beats, CBC Radio 1 and Stage Rage.

Inspired by sparks of rebellion, this pop diva is set to release his debut album ‘Blue’ which captures themes of young and explosive love, Denim Blù will take listeners on a magical yet mysterious journey through experiencing falling in love as well as being in a dark place after coming to terms with a love that has been lost.  This song takes me back to when I fell in love with someone dear and I remember how amazing it felt but I can also relate to losing someone I loved when an ex once ended things with me because we were on different paths in life and it really hurt.

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Denim Blù pours his heart out in this song and you can hear the raw emotions of anger and sadness in his voice as he tells the story of his love life with beautiful yet elegant harmonies, the song is soft and slow making us want to sway from side to side.  He uses the word blue which is often used to describe sorrow, pain, and upset and these are the feelings he is currently experiencing. The single is very moving and is full of passion, with honest words this makes the hit unique and personal to him.

The track is extremely calming and makes me feel relaxed as I listen to it, I also have sympathy as Denim Blù sings about heartbreak and this is something I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through so the song also has an impact on my emotions.  Young people similar to me can relate to this tune if they are also going through being hurt and this helps them feel there not the only ones.

Here at IndustryMe we hope that Denim Blù continues to give us incredible music and we hope the lyrics will speak of more happy times. My heart goes out to him and I hope he can find love as pure as he once had again in the near future.

Listen to ‘Blue’ by Denim Blu is available to stream now:

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