The fourth Deuce Act of the week is Singer Songwriter Cindy Alter  from Johannesburg, South Africa.

After gaining worldwide recognition at the tender age of 21 when she fronted the all girl rock group Clout who reached number 2 in the UK charts and number one in other countries with Substitute, Cindy Alter now returns with her new EP ‘Reunion‘ through the Creative & Dreams label.

When diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2002 shortly before a Clout reunion Cindy Alter kept her guitar by her side during her treatment helping hold her body and soul together and being the inspiration behind some of her new songs after fortunately making a full recovery.

‘Love and A Dream’ is poignant sombre storytelling at its best. The song has that good old country feeling and is very different to Alter’s previous discography. With that being said this change is most definitely welcomed with her heart warming vocals ever present.

The song details the distant memory of chasing a forbidden dream and the idea of still wanting to pursue it even after so much time had passed. This is synonymous with Alter’s core values of being determined and never giving up.

The track is the kind of song you never want to end. Alter uses a repetitive melody line to create a trance like ambience similar to the feeling of actually being in a dream. A technique I find very effective in adding feeling and an additional dimension to the song.

Her music has been described as being honest, inspiring and open heart, and you can find more details on this by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at

You can listen to Cindy Alter’s new single Love And A Dream below: