The final Deuce Act of the week is Melodic Rock band Network who are based in San Diego, USA.

Originally formed in the 80’s as a cover band, Network then got back together 5 years ago, but this time playing and recording their own original music.

Currently working on their first album, Network are releasing one track at a time, which is helping develop quite an interest in the band with US fans and beyond.

Their new single ‘Let me Breathe’ is definetely helping to create that buzz. One thing immeadiately noticeable about the track is the beautiful melodic sounds of the spanish guitar. It perfectly constrasts with the songs sombre lyrics and the reflects the poignant build up of emotion expressed by the lead vocalist. The song details the internal struggle of being in a toxic situation of knowing you need to leave but wanting to stay regardless of. The lyrics are intentionally vague making song relatble to situations that go beyond the typical relationship drama. An effective technique used in the song to emphasise its message and convey is the layering of instruments. Whenever the lead singer is saying something self reflective or heart felt a lot of the instruments a dropped out. equally whenever the singer is saying something emotionally charged the track is often heavily layered. It is clear that the songs structure, lyrics and instrumentation were all clevely thought out despite the tracks intial simplistic beauty.

The song has a very relaxed vibe making it easy to listen to on repeat despite the sad scenario which it describes.

Details on this along with further information on Network can be found on their website or you can follow them on social media at and

You can listen to Network’s new single Let Me Breathe below: