Hi guys! It’s Andreia again. I am here with something I am very excited about. I will be showing you how to make this awesome Pom-Pom tassel Garland. The things like about this DIY is that you can use it to decorate your home without breaking the bank and also at any time of year or for any occasion. Just because it’s a garland doesn’t mean it’s just for Christmas.

So here is what you will need:

The first thing you need to do is make your tassels. My garland will used to decorate the banister in my home, so I have decided that 6 tassels is what I need. Here is a picture tutorial with a description of how to make your tassels.

Step 1- Grab your item shaped like your phone or even your phone. I used my phone case. And you are going to wrap your yarn around the case appropriately 20 times.
Step 2- once you’re done wrapping you should have something that looks like image 2 (above)
Step 3- grab a desperate piece of yarn and feed it through the middle of the ring you just created and pull it to the top of the loop.
Step 4- tie a knot in the yarn you fed through to keep the loop taught and in place and remove the case.
Step 5- Cut the loop at the bottom so that you get a tassel.
Step 6- Grab another piece of yarn and place it under the tassel towards the top where the tassel is tied together.
Step 7- Tie the yarn you place behind the tassel into a knot around the tassel so it forms a little ball at the top of you tassel.
Step 8- trim the long pieces of yearn after tying the little ball.
Step 9- trim the ends of your tassel so that it is all level and neat and you are finished making one tassel.

Now let’s move on to the pom-pom and putting the tassel and pompom together.

  1. Step 1- separate both pieces of your pompom maker so that they fit into eachother later. So where you see the little bumps on one piece that side should go with the section that has the holes on the other piece.
  1. Step 2- Place both of the sides of the pompom maker together and start wrapping your yarn from the inside towards the outside.
  1. Step 3- wrap until the outside part of the pompom maker.
  2. Step 4- repeat step 3 back and forth approx 15 times all together. Remember the chunkier you make it the fluffier the pompom. Repeat step 3 on the other side of the pompom maker.
  3. Step 5- once both sides as fully wrapped bring them together and clip them to make sure they stay together. Place tour scissors in the gap between both of the side and cut.
  4. Step 6- once your done cutting all the way around the pompom maker your pompom should look like this. At this point you want to grab another piece of yarn and put it through the gap and tie it nice and tightly a few times. This will ensure that when you open the Pompom maker your pompom stays intact. You also need to grab your tassel and tie it around the Pompom at this point.
  5. Step 7- undo the 2 white clips on the maker.
  6. Step 8- open both of the pieces of the pompom maker and remove your pompom.
  7. Step 9- once your pompom is out go around it with your scissors and trim any long bits.

And Ta-Da you have a pompom tassel ready to go. All I did after I had about 4 pompom tassels was grab a really long piece of yarn and tie them onto it ready for hang on my banister like so.

I really like this garland because you can make it with all sorts of colours and it can be used all year round. You can also make them for special occasions such as birthday parties and Halloween décor. For Halloween you could just make the pom-poms and stick some little eyes on them and you have a spider garland.

I hope you guys enjoyed this diy. If you try it make sure to post it on Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #IMDIY