As society progresses views on gender roles have begun to shift. This is a topic that this group did not shy away from.

Our friends over at Unbraekable Ent are back with another short film entitled “Double Standards”.

Staying true to it’s name, the film showcases 4 different stories which highlight several controversial, and in some cases outdated, social standards/norms.

Disclaimer: this review may contain spoilers so if you haven’t seen the check it out before proceeding.
The feature is a compilation of 4 scenarios, which explore the impact of the reversal of gender roles through the use of comedy.

Two things I enjoyed about this film outside of its content were the way it was edited and the comedy was used.

What I particularly appreciated is that the comedic element of the film wasn’t forced or overdone and therefore did not take away from the message of tone of the film itself.

It was interesting to see this relayed through thoughts aloud rather than being relayed to the audience through dialogue.

The edits throughout this film paid homage to one of my childhood favourites Rugrats. This intentional use of imagery reminiscent of the past may possibly alluding to the idea that of the standards being explored are somewhat outdated.

I have yet to receive word from the team on this so that can be left up to your own discretion

My favourite part of the entire film would have to be when the girl in the first scenario says I’m going to text you and the guy comes to the realisation that they did not have each other’s numbers to begin with. Classic savagery!

While it is clear I had very few issues with the film, for the next project I am hoping for a slightly more daring choice of topic.

Outside of that, I was very impressed and look forward to seeing what else unbraekable has planned for this year.

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