Introducing Ease, the indie folk pop duo from White Rock, B.C, Canada consisting of Erfan Adeshi and Madisyn Gifford.

In 2018 the duo, who met in high school, collaborated together on various tracks before forming their group Ease.

They released their first single, ‘Close to You‘, on January 18th, 2019, which has amassed over 30,000 streams on Spotify.

The duo now return with their new single ‘Roundabout’.

Delightfully haunting, ‘Roundabout’ is unsettlingly gripping from its inception.

Creating an opaque air through the use of synths, the track effectively conveys feelings of great sadnesses.

The reverb on the vocals is almost echo like, perhaps a sonic representation of the voices in your head.

It is evident even from the production detail that the song has been conceptually well thought out.

When asked about the song’s back story the pair revealed:

The song is about being lead on and then let go by someone over and over again until you finally just give up on them. The games that come along with new love.

The tracks distortion heavy bass line was beautifully contrasted by the simplicity of the piano arrangement.

However the magical moments were in fact created by the more minute details. The hypnotic backing vocals, the electronic instruments accenting the songs melody lines and its sweeping strings. The track even include a little laugh pre chorus.

This attention to detail is clearly indicative of a group who have injected a piece of their hearts into their craft.

We wait in anticipation for the greatness that is sure to come when talent meets this level of passion.