Emerging Musician Amethyst Releases Debut Solo Single ‘Can’t Let Go’

Soulful R&B artist Amethyst drops her new single ‘Can’t Let Go’.  The song is from her upcoming EP due for release next year.  Amethyst won a female artist programme with Hypertribe which helped her with the development of this single as well as working with Joy Crookes to improve her production skills, this allowed Amethyst to grow in confidence and now believes in herself as an extremely talented artist, producer, and writer.

The track is full of passion and the soft pop melodies make this song so peaceful and bliss giving off chilled-out vibes whilst drinking a glass of wine on the sofa, swaying elegantly to the rhythm.  Amethyst mixes old-school R&B and smooth yet funky baselines with her incredible jazzy vocals making the single sound remarkable. 

Amethyst – Amethyst Twitter

The tune is happy and cheery which will help you get through the miserable cold weather; it really represents Amethyst’s personality well as she expresses her feelings on what it’s like to truly let go.  Being in denial of still being in love with someone who isn’t good for you is a common issue all girls face and ‘Can’t Let Go’ reminds me of that feeling of not being able to let go of a lover because they mean so much to you.  Letting go is an extremely hard thing to do especially if you have known someone for years and you have a history together, looking back on my own experiences I found it hard to let go of someone close to me, and even though I missed that person over time I realised that I was much happier without them in my life. 

This song is the first one she felt comfortable sharing with others to help develop it and make it magnificent.  Amethyst has been stuck in a rut for quite some time as to the direction she wanted to go in with her music.  This hit came together perfectly with the message of empowerment for her listeners.

Loving yourself will drive any man crazy because your love is distinctive and strong.

Amethyst talks about missing someone and loving them dearly in her lyrics and it’s understandable as it’s only natural to feel like this but moving forward is the best possible thing to do in this situation.  Amethyst uses her own experience to inspire others and to make this track original and unique. This hit feels very personal to Amethyst and this helps to make the song so raw, emotional, and beautiful to listen to. 

Here at IndustryMe, we are excited to hear more from this fantastic singer, ‘Can’t Let Go’ is a perfect example of what is yet to come from Amethyst in the near future. ‘Can’t Let Go’ is available to stream everywhere!

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