Introducing Emiko. Formally of the duo Ant & Ox the soulful singer now tries his hand at being a solo artist. Returning with a completely new song and the great vocals we’ve all grown to love.

His debut single, entitled “Is It Real” is one of love, longing and passion. It tells the story of a woman who is conflicted between the feelings she once had for someone who mistreated her and her new love. The story is told from the perspective of her new love interest who promises to treat her better than her last.

Think of this a fresh spin on a classic tale.

The song

The track began with a beautiful, unassuming, falsetto accented intro, that reminded me of Gallant’s vocals on Gentleman.

This mellow smooth jazz infused sound slowly descends into an almost samba inspired medley and I must the transition was almost seamless. I particularly loved the Latin flavour added by the percussion, which will undoubtedly have you bobbing your head at the very least. It certainly got my foot tapping.

While the mixing and mastering could be a little tighter, I cannot fault the vocals or the production which was clean and crisp.

My favourite part of the song would have to be the change in tempo of the vocal melody at the bridge, which added a modern touch to the songs old time vibe – no doubt an ode to the singers London roots.

The subtle rasp in the upper register, adds an unexpected edge to Emiko’s smooth vocals; something I hope to hear more of in his future music.

Maybe I am just being greedy, but I would love a rap remix to this song, so here’s to hoping that happens.

Overall, this was a great first single and I am excited to see what the singer does next.

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