Emma Lock is a UK Singer/songwriter , with many years experience working with producers, studios, radio stations and DJs.

Emma co- writes music for release in EDM and other styles of music, also works as a soloist musician creating pop and acoustic music.

IndustryMe caught up with Emma to discuss her journey so far.

IM: What’s the most important part of songwriting for you? 

EL: Songwriting to me is like painting a picture , if you don’t paint the picture the true enlightenment of the view, you will never capture the moment so I like to write the moment, a story, if the song has no meaning to me it goes in the recycling bin and I move on to he next , I work hard at creating lyrics that are punchy and memorable and from the heart I like to paint a picture with words , sometimes I have no idea where I am going with the sorry so I write and write and then the chorus turns in on itself and creates the song so I am just part of the music as a writer an instrument it kinda guides me sometimes its such a control freck haha but if I don’t fight it I guess it lets me create masterpieces and then I become free , song writing is the only part to me that is the most important part of creating any song if I can be happy I know others will be , everything that follows after is kind of out my hands this is the only real part I am part of so its kind of mine or I its prisoner either way I love it .. 

IM: How would you describe your sound?

EL: This is a hard question because I am a vocalist and work with many styles , Id say I have not really found my sound really or the people that create it

IM: When did you realise music was something you wanted to Pursue?

EL: Working on music makes me feel free , I have an amazing voice , I looked and listened to others and wondered why I was not in par to be honest and I made it my agenda to prove to myself I could be standing side by side with the best of the artists out there , I don’t feel I have got to my goal but I am much happier as I have learnt so much about myself and music along the way , and now my mind does not reach out for such vanities and I am more in the know how I am good enough at what I do I now need to create something so good with the right people at the right time and then release it with the right company , I am very lucky I have alot of good people – friends – family looking after me so now I go back to the reality that I love creating music and weather it brings me riches or travel or new friends and also the negitives of live this is my world and I live and breath my work there is no other way in some ways I do not have a choice either as music is my therapy and makes me happy.

IM: What inspires you to write?

EL: There are many reasons I write , sometimes to off load emotions , sometimes to try and create something different for companies on demand , sometimes to get that hit to crack it , and sometimes to just keep my hand in it and not loose interest in the world but the most important thing is the write music if a track gets send to me and its ok and i have to work at it its a bit of a turn off but if the track is amazing I just melt listening to it and suddenly I am apart of it and in my own story line creating a place for the listener , dancer , dj , player , I want to inspire others with my voice and writing ablities I want peoplr to know you can get what you need but you have to grow and learn to evolve and change almost contently in this industry, you need to be open to others but have your own rules that you keep to in work too theres nothing more wonderful that your own craft , and then life is an inspiration in itself all the amazing things that happen all around us , but I guess i enjoy the investigation of how human behave its always fascinated me

IM: What’s your favourite song to perform and why?

EL: There are a few tracks I like performing to , mostly rock ballads and my own darker versions emotional songs , My song with beat service ‘ NOT OUT ‘ is my favourite track to perform too because I feel like Alice in wonderland in a different world


IM: What can we expect from you in 2017

EL: I am a very busy lady in 2017 , I have so many things going down , Hopefully some new releases in different styles some new updates and youtube videos…