21 year old, New Jersey rapper Eric Aston, who is Saturn Alexender’s younger brother, is highly skilled and talented. The rapper gives us mellow flows over chilled Hip-Hop beats. Taking his inspiration from the legends Lauryn Hill and Andre3000, Eric’s sound embarks on poetry and spoken words.

IndustryMe caught up with Eric to discuss his journey so far.

IM: Your music has this unique way of taking people on a journey, how important is it for you to tell a story with your tracks?

EA: Story telling is a very important area of rap, and quite frankly one I personally believe I lack in. I feel most people focus so much on the story that they forget about the content and the bars. I try my best to incorporate all of these aspects in my music, and strive to grow daily.

IM: What inspires your music?

EA: In all honesty, I can remember hearing different songs and groups and saying “man, I wanna do that” but I never had the confidence to do so. Mainly because I didn’t like my voice. So basically, I want to be able to do almost anything, wether it be MMA, knowing how to make a Star Wars costume, graphic design, checking car oil, etc. I just like being very versatile.

IM: At what point did you realise music was something you wanted to do?

EA: it’s actually still something I haven’t completely realized, I’m quite the couch potato 

IM: Your sound could be describe as alternative rap with a very distinct and authentic style, is there ever any pressure to make music considered to be more ‘mainstream’?

EA: Never. I’m that guy that looks down on mainstream for it’s lack of meaning. Music is something that control your mood, what you say, how you think, and ultimately what type of person you are. When a person is constantly consuming (listening) to nonsense, it starts to take a toll on them.

IM: What artist would you most like to collaborate with and why?

EA: Lauryn Hill, she’s a just amazing to me. 

IM: Can we expect an EP from you any time soon?

EA: I would like to say yes, but I don’t wanna let anybody down, again, I’m quite the couch potato.

You can stay up to date with Eric’s journey by following him on twitter @_EricAston

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