Catch some ‘Exceptional Feelings’ with Cooper Phillip & Chaz Mason

Catch some ‘Exceptional Feelings’ with Cooper Phillip & Chaz Mason

Discovering a new artist to add to your music collection is very similar to finding your new favourite restaurant. You binge on these artist’s discography, stalk their daily routine online and before you know it, have applied for the presidential role of their unofficial fan club.

This week’s new artists is an interesting one.

“Jessica Rabbit of the 21st century with an urban swag and blonde hair.”

 Cooper Phillip, otherwise known as Jessica Rabbit of the 21st century with an urban swag and blonde hair – a moniker she created  (already we love her) – is drawing more and more attention towards herself.

From singing at restaurants in exchange for using their storeroom as a bed to garnering 1.5 million views on her video for the previous single, Thank You Heartbreak, the songstress deserves her flowers.

Relocating to New York at just 17 with barely a dollar to her name, the Russian native has faced a number of life’s adversities yet still has this infectious drive to succeed.

singer cooper phillip

 An alumnus of the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy, Phillip’s ear for music is exceptional.

Trained in classical piano, theory, harp, jazz, blues, ballet and voice, the blonde beauty is a versatile artist but unfortunately, that is not often revealed in her music.

Thank You Heartbreak and Low Key are great to pop tunes but are not enough to set her apart from her peers. Vocally, it almost feels like she plays it safe on these songs which is a sharp contrast to her covers and live sessions. That being said, ‘Exceptional Feelings’ is a step above the rest.

A grower for sure, it will take a few more listens before gaining a permanent place on your playlist but once it does, it soon will become one the most repeated tracks.

With a chilled vibe powered by a guitar-driven groove, you will be forgiven for thinking that summer was around the corner. Phillip’s tone is mesmerizing and has a clarity that sends chills through your body.  Taking a break from working on the Sunday Service tour with Kanye West, Chaz Mason swings by to lend some more sauce to the mix. With their harmonies being the main highlight of the track, you begin to realise why the title is so fitting – his voice is exceptional and her voice is exceptional and together they get us in our feelings.

If ‘Exceptional Feelings’ is an indication of where Phillip’s is heading for musically, then sign us up for the fan club newsletter with a matter of urgency.

Check out the track here:

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