Introducing Kerry Goodhind, a home-grown singer/songwriter who steps onto the global music platform with her debut single, ‘The Shallow’, released 14 September.

Initially spotted by BBC Introducing, the past couple of years have been a cascade of TV, radio and live slots, including a live TV performance for BBC Spotlight, regular interviews on BBC Introducing Cornwall and appearances at the Royal Cornwall Show and Port Eliot. Now, with a glittering collection of self-penned original material, Kerry Goodhind unveils her debut single, hotfooted by her debut album ‘Elevated’ to be released in early 2019, and a string of live tour dates in the pipeline. If you haven’t been touched by the mesmerising magic of Ms Goodhind yet, you soon will be – and her mark is delightfully indelible!

Kerry’s debut single, ‘The Shallow’ showcases this artist’s masterful ability to write highly compelling lyrical-rich melodies, which have the ability to beautifully carry her unique vocals through captivating mini snap-shots of Kerry’s life. Depicting the cut-throat determination of superficial individuals who’ll go to any lengths to achieve their own selfish goal, ‘The Shallow’ is a biographical excerpt from Kerry repertoire of life, mirroring those individuals who just ‘have to have’. Forceful and enthralling, Kerry’s crystalline vocals whip and weave their way around this stunning sound-bed of riffs and beats, delivering one of those instantly recognisable tracks that simply ‘sticks’ – perfect for radio.

Here’s what happened when Kerry spoke to Ray Sang about her new single and more.

Do you think that being classically trained has impacted your vocal stylings?

Yes, absolutely. Learning to sing in a Classical style requires demanding technique to sing properly, including “a control of breath”. Singing is all about having a somewhat perfect but effortless technique and one that protects the vocals cords from damage and produces the best possible quality of sound. Classical singing can be very demanding physically but you build vocal stamina and explore all areas of your vocals range (hi and lo). At Trinity I was classed at a “top sop” (soprano) so majoritively exploring my “head and whistle voice ranges” but as time went on and we studied blues and jazz, A Capella groups etc. I naturally started to explore my lower vocal ranges too. Classical singing was a wondrous help and some of the best vocal training I have experienced to date.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Growing up in English suburbia, I was privy to many eclectic styles of music, due to my parents varied preferences. I would say I have been inspired (and still am) by many varying artists from Elvis’ rich velvety tones, Dusty’s soulful melodies, most of the Motown Artists ( as Motown was my dad’s favourite era), Queen’s theatrical and heartfelt masterpieces, Etta James’  unique vocal style, even as modern as “The King’s of Leon’s” unique melodic formula, to London Grammar’s haunting tones, not to forget the Rock scene of Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac,  to nineties classics such as Massive Attack, The Prodigy to M People, Shakespeare Sister, it’s so varied and exciting have only scratched the surface with these iconic few.

Let’s talk new music. Tell me more about the new single “The Shallow” and the inspiration behind it?

“The Shallow” came from close observation over a period of time of certain negative individuals you may have encountered in your lifetime.  We’ve all met them, those people who bring nothing but destruction for their own personal gains. Sounds sinister doesn’t it? Well, really it is, but the song explores all ways in which a person may act in a “shallow” way. For example, the song’s rhythmic and melodic structure seems quite upbeat, happy and has a “sing-a-long” kind of vibe. It’s definitely a “foot tapper” to say the very least. The juxtaposition of this is that if you listen to the words carefully, this song tells a sinister story of people who stop at nothing to get what they desire and at the total cost of others. This juxtaposition in the music and lyrics mimic how a “shallow” person could be: happy and kind on the surface but actually possessing alterior motives without substance underneath.

What do you hope listeners feel when they’re hear it?

Well hopefully this song sparks a cathartic experience for all of those who feel a strong connection with it. In its ambiguous form I would hope people would find their own personal connection with the song and whatever the word “Shallow” may mean to them.

Let’s talk about the album.

How did you come up with the name for the album and what does it represent?

The name of the album was debated about for quite sometime as I wanted something that was very personal to me and my musical journey so fa,r but also something that would represent the songs that I have written for this album. I wanted this record to be empowering and inspiring for others to listen to. “Elevated” represents many facets but ultimately it means going through complicated times and re-surfacing the other side, wiser, stronger and more focused.

Is the album finished yet and how are you feeling about the release?

The finished record was Mastered at Abbey Road Studios back at the beginning of July 2018. Being in Abbey Road itself was an unforgettable experience and a great opportunity to work with such a prestigious and well renowned Recording Studio. From Concept to creation This album has taken approximately a year to write, record and produce. I am very excited about the release and hope that listeners will be just as fulfilled in listening as I was in creating these works.

Are there any tracks in particular we should be looking out for?

Obviously every track has an important meaning to me Personally but if I had to choose certain tracks that resonate the most I would pick: Smoke and Mirrors (an orchestral driven ballad with haunting vocals), Alive (a guitar driven upbeat song with strong vocals), Still (a funky upbeat song with catchy hooks), Push Back (heartfelt lyrics with a unique vocal style).

What was the most important thing you learned during the recording process?

The recording process is a very arduous and detailed task. Performing in a Studio environment is a completely different experience to performing live on stage. You learn very quickly the inner workings of the Production Recording process and all that it entails. It really is a team effort between Artist and Producer to create a cohesive piece of art. There is nothing better for me than watching my ideas come to life!

Did you find it hard to be so transparent on the upcoming album?

I am quite an emotional and creative person by nature, so for me the process is therapeutic and rewarding.

Do you have any plans to go on tour?

Hopefully once the album is released the band and I will be touring venues inside and outside of Central London showcasing the new material from the “Elevated” album.

What’s next for Kerry Goodhind?

I have two more single releases lined up in 2018 plus the release of the full album. I will also hopefully be having an album “Launch” Gig in Central London for this release. My three piece Band and I have a wonderful connection and being around such talented musicians gives me much hope for lots of future endeavours together.

On a larger scale, the writing for the follow-up album has already commenced. I would like to explore more collaborative work in the near future and whatever inspiration I should discover will determine the creation of new projects .