Founders Vince Newsom (Vinny Noose) and Russell McKamey. Rockit Gaming is changing the music and gaming industry in a way that has never been done before. The pop duo are the first of their genre create commercial quality music with lyrics themed around video games. Rockit Gaming have garnered 36.2 million views to date on YouTube and over 1 million monthly streams on Spotify alone.

Ray sang caught up with them to discuss future plans and their journey so far.

Where did the idea to combine music and gaming first come from?

It all started back in 2008 when Rockit found some pretty big success writing songs about COD World at War Zombies for fun with an old group called Borderline Disaster. Years later in 2015 he started Rockit Gaming with Vinny (me) and had thought not only to make songs about one game but about every popular game and games we love! It’s a great way for us to make music for a living, about topics that we and so many other people love!

When and how did you realise that you were onto something?

Since Rockit had done songs about Call of Duty for so long we kind of had an inkling that this sort of music would thrive online, and it has been so great seeing the results day in and day out! We recently hit a consistent 200,000 monthly listeners on the “Rockit Gaming” Spotify!

Name your favourite song about any game under the Nintendo franchise?

To clarify, we don’t write music FOR Nintendo we are brand ambassadors for them, but our favorite song we’ve done about a Nintendo game we’ve done is definitely “Breathing in the Wild” we wrote about Breath of the Wild!

Describe your typical songwriting process?

The process always starts with us watching a trailer for, playing, or just hearing about a game, after that we do some research to make sure we have the vibe of the game correct and from there instrumentals are born! After that comes the lyrics and melodies, and that is one of our favorite parts. Since we have released over 200 radio quality production songs in just over 2 years on Spotify, Apple Music, and the other streaming services we love finding those unique melodies that can’t quite get out of your head!

You tend to explore a lot of complex themes many would not realise are found in games within your music, why have you chosen to do so?

We get this kind of question a lot actually, and video games (although they are a “game”) explore lots of complex themes themselves and I think that’s what brings a lot of people back to them. Players can connect with characters within games, and we try to establish that same connection with our listeners! Maybe the songs aren’t about our own lives, but themed music has never been a bad thing. Movies have soundtracks all the time, we are doing the same thing… but for video games!

What song are you most proud of so far and why?

We are most proud of one of our recent songs “Like it” which is extremely dark sounding, and then definitely our Fortnite Season 4 song “Your Superhero”, because we gave it a Bruno Mars funky 70’s style!

What are your plans for your music going forward?

We plan to continue making 1-2 songs every single week about every new game! Check out our Youtube Spotify Apple Music and everything for new music EVERY FRIDAY!

So I hear that you have dabbled in the musical arena, how did that come about and is this something you’ll be doing more of in the future?

What we were asked to make was a fully produced video (Music, Script, Film production) for their press conference for E3 that was shown right before the Microsoft Press Conference, and it was a HUGE success. It was a musical/skit poking fun at game developers and the Battle Royale game crazy that’s going on in the industry today! As far as continuing to work on music like that, we’d love to do that for more game publishers and developers, we’re actually working on a new project for tinyBuild right now but it’s really early in the process!

Any final shoutouts or plugs?

First off we want to thank all of our fans we wouldn’t have been able to do this without them they are amazing. And secondly, don’t forget to search “Rockit Gaming” on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. for all of our new songs EVERY FRIDAY! #GameOn