My Twitter feed is a constant stream of discovery and last week was no exception. I came across an incredible talent and wanted to share him with you all.

Here is what happened when I spoke to budding online sensation Kola Olanrewaju.

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into art?

My name is Kola Olanrewaju, From Osun state Nigeria.

When I was about 7years old, my parents said they noticed the art trait in me. I’d draw on the ground, and everywhere I could. My parents believed it is a God given talent and would tutor me in the little way they could, regardless of the fact that they were not so artistically inclined. I learned a lot of Art in school, from primary school, high school, up until University, every one noticed I had a special gift. I was also one of the best at every level of education.

What inspires the art you do?

My inspiration comes from God and the entirety of my surrounding. I am also inspired by Reggae music (the positive side to reggae music). Whenever a thought or idea comes to my mind, I immediately try to convert it to Art.

Why pointillism?

I actually practice all kinds of art; Pastel, Charcoal, Oil pastel, pencil, acrylic, etc. I just focus more on Pointillism because it helps me challenge myself due to how much patience it requires.

There are also very few artists who practice pointillism and I generally like to stand out. I currently have one of the largest pointillism works so far, 2x3ft. The few people who have seen my pointillism usually don’t believe it.

Pointillism has grown to be a medium I truly love.

Why did you choose to take to twitter to share your work?

My daughter, Eniola, adviced that I showcased my work a bit more. I had no idea how she planned to go about that. She posted some of my Artworks on her Twitter page and told me how incredible the response was. I’d say because she understands the power of social media right now, she used It effectively.

How do you feel about the response you have had so far?

I really am just thankful to God, my family and my children, especially my daughter Eniola, who recently graduated from the university with a degree in Computer Science. I have so much passion for my art and work hard at it.  Finally seeing it being appreciated is honestly so amazing.

What do you hope to do with the platform twitter has given you?

I am really capitalizing on this platform to network and connect. I am also learning to use It gradually lol

How can people go about purchasing one of your pieces?

I have an instagram page where my work and my families work are being uploaded daily (@stellamarisart). My whole family is filled with creative. You might have to check that page to understand what I mean. I also have a website you could check my art on

These pages are called ‘stella maris’ because that’s both my wife and daughters name.

Will you be exhibiting your work at any fairs or festivals in the near feature?

Yes, I really need a lot of publicity. I believe the world is waiting and even ready for me and my work. I am going to work on exhibiting my work very soon.

Do you think you will explore any styles outside of pointillism?

I am very good with almost all known art mediums. Art for me is indeed a raw talent. My exhibitions will feature mediums like Pointillism, Oil pastel, Chalk pastel, Charcoal, acrylic, collage, oil painting, etc.

Any final words?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have this interview. I’d like to say persistence in whatever you do is key. Success knows no age and don’t forget to Love and learn.