Falling with Smallgod, Darkoo & KiDi!

We are in for a treat with the collaboration of Smallgod, Darkoo, and KiDi on their new track Falling which will feature on Smallgod’s upcoming album Connecting The Dots. Smallgod is an active artist within the African music community whose talents transcend making great music but also extend to management and publisher. Last year, Building Bridges was released, putting Smallgod on the artist’s map in a very big way. Since then, the Spotify streams are in the millions. 

His collaborators for Fallen include Darkoo, a Nigerian-born British rapper, and singer whose debut track Gangsta is a hit that has risen in popularity with swiftness and efficiency as well as breaching common music gender boundaries in singing about “wooing a gender-neutral lover.”1 The second collaborator to join the mix is KiDi, Ghana’s Afrobeats Artist of the Year. What a team!

Described with “the smoothest beats and the most delicate of guitar strings”, Falling definitely has a beach vibe that makes you want to sway your hips with a drink in hand. A consistent beat carries the track, not easing up for a second, maintaining the experience throughout with a melody that sways between notes, matching the tempo. 

Smallgod’s upcoming album Connecting the Dots which will include Falling aims “to connect Africa and the African diaspora through music, with the culture connoisseur taking a leap of faith to lead the development of Pan-Africanism through music.” An important collaboration that maintains the talent and culture of these artists. 

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