Fireboy DML Drops New Summer Anthem, Playboy

The song centres on the worship of the female body, swag, and braggadocio, with subtle hints about the pressures of the industry, and the blessings of the art, but mostly it’s a triumph of style, sound, and power.

He sings “when I drop you know it’s an anthem”, and it does have the effortlessly gorgeous and chill factor that hits the metric of being endlessly repeatable and infectious to the bones. Madonna and Ed Sheeran have both been involved in a Fireboy remix. Relatively early in his career, this Nigerian artist seems to be the forerunner of the shift towards Afrobeat, the reshaping of the music industry, and the globalization of sound. The artwork promoted by Fireboy on social media is him in a king-size bed with red silk sheets, a black strap in hand. The narrative is a simple one and doesn’t need deeper meanings or catch 22s: his relationship to music is the purest and truest form of affection, he seeks madly to create the next best anthem. Playboy shows that the song of the summer has come early.

Fireboy’s career is condensed and powerful, he flexes on his followers only when he wants to. Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps was released in 2019, followed by his sophomore album Apollo in 2020. Perhaps what drew Ed Sheeran and Fireboy into their almost miraculous connection is their shared songwriting style: honest and magical melodies which provide also fantastic earworms.

Last weekend Fireboy DML received a British Gold Certification for his single Peru ft Ed Sheeran, dedicating the award to Jamal Edwards, a British music entrepreneur and DJ who died earlier this year. Jamal was responsible for the Ed Sheeran Remix which reached No2 on the UK singles charts earlier this year. Peru stood out for its infectious hook and pure vocal flair and created a stage for Fireboy as a key innovator and disrupter within the industry.

 At the age of 26, and relatively new to the music scene, Fireboy has more than 10 million monthly listeners, the song begins with an infectious hook and vocals that hit the right notes, sonic twangs that create an almost electric quality, then immediately the infectious chorus “Girl don’t flex with the boy, your body is a mad ting (mad ting!)/ She wanna roll with the man dem.” More than just being about the glorification of lust, and alpha-maleness, Playboy seems to be his senior year single, his statement of power, as a key player in the musical industry. He sings “When I drop you know it’s an anthem (woof!)/ Girl you wanna play with a big playboy like me (woof!)”

In Peru, Fireboy asserted himself as an artist who transcended borders. Evermore the wanderer, in Playboy the lyrics boast of the strong independent streak his ‘on the road’ lifestyle offers: ‘‘Who else you know to live a life like this/LA to Houston to NYC/I’m always on the road/Don’t play with a guy like me.’’ Perhaps this is an attempt to escape being shoehorned by Afrobeat, but his playboy attitude has universal charm and power, Fireboy’s new anthem proves he is a global superstar, not boxed in by the stereotypes imposed by geography, but a cultural innovator, disrupter, and leader in his own right, paving a new path in 2022.

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