So you’re a music lover.

Do you like being overwhelmed with the excitement of being the first to discover a new artists and connecting with them for the first time. perhaps you enjoy the intoxicating ambiance that accompanied the experience of listening to live performances in a raw unplugged form.

I know, I’ve described you down to a tee and hopefully peaked your interest a little.

If, like me, all of the above applies Frsh Sessions Acoustic is exactly where you need to be on March 25th.

The collaboration between Frsh Media and PizzaExpress seeks to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their skills in a slick central London venue.

Seriously just you wait until you see the swanky interiors.

Pizza express’ chic Holborn hotspot will provide the perfect backdrop to the sounds of 4 talented acts, each of whom are gearing up to perform a 25 minute acoustic set.

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Okay so now for the really important details

The Important info

You can purchase your tickets for the show here:


Monday 25th March 8pm-10pm


When booking tickets please ensure to quote ‘Frsh Media’ as a reference

Model actress and presenter Anita Nneka Jones

The event will be hosted by Anita Nneka Jones, who you may recognise from BBC Sport or Arsenal fan TV.

What will you gain from attending?

As well as providing an opportunity for music contacts/enthusiasts to network with up and coming talents.

Key performances on the night will include:

  • Dominique Laurn
  • Drey Cheekz 
  • Sebastian Schub 
  • Juicy Fruit

It is certain to be a night of entertainment, enjoyment and discovery.

Frsh media has built a reputation for putting together amazing events with previous attendees describing their sessions as a place filled with outstanding talent.

The talent management company has positioned itself to right at the epicentre of the creativity surrounding London’s underground music scene.

For Further information head over to the Fresh Media website

Frsh Media Website:

Frsh Media acoustic sessions