GeeJay Bring Positive Vibes on ‘Have a Little Faith’

2024 is going to be a big year for the jazz duo GeeJay. This week, they are back with a new single, ‘Have a Little Faith‘. This is another single from the long-awaited debut album ‘What’s the Sun Without the Rain?‘, which is set to drop in May. The song is already their fourth release of the year so far, showing they were hard at work in the studio in 2023.

This new track brings the jazzy vibes you’d expect from the duo, with standout performances from the sax and piano. Meanwhile, the vocals are on point, as always, asking the listener to believe in themselves and keep on going. It’s a poignant message in this time of uncertainty in the music scene and the world. With the duo having been making music since 2018, it’s one they can certainly relate to themselves.

Having been named one of our ones to watch this year, the duo is showing they are exactly that.

GeeJay is on Instagram and TikTok. Stream the track below and find more news pieces here.

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