Georg’ Estelle Releases Sultry New Single ‘FOOL’

Georg’ Estelle releases a spellbinding fusion of soul, R&B, and Jazz, ‘FOOL’, speaks of knowing your self-worth and reaches out to every woman who refuses to be taken for a fool.

Georg’ delivers her signature smooth vocals and sings of how she was once herself the fool. But, with an entrancing saxophone instrumental comes the emotionally empowered Georg’. Near the end of the track, Georg’ delivers a powerful rap, she questions herself ‘If he doesn’t show the love then why should I?’.

Bolstered by a mellow drum-based rhythm, Georg’ creates a sense of intimacy with the listener, as Georg’ explains herself ‘This song came straight from the heart. I love performing this song because I know there’s always someone who can relate’.

Clearly unafraid to combine different sounds and inspirations, Georg’ achieves with this single a sense of musical individuality whilst creating lyrics that are powerful and relatable.

Most recognised for her silky signature voice and contemporary jazz-inspired sound, Georg’ Estelle, who is only at the beginning of her career,  has already established herself as an artist who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Georg’ explains: “Coming from different backgrounds, and through dance, I’ve learned the power of redefining genres, and creating fusions as an expression of my inner-self, to take the best of each influence and re-model them into my own style.”

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